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Local company displays generosity, kindness with metal signs


Local company displays generosity, kindness with metal signs


ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Launching a new company during the pandemic is risky business, but sign company Round Lake Decor managed to do it and help others in the process.

Not long after opening their doors, Round Lake Decor got a phone call. “It was a woman from an organization in Saratoga County, asking if we could possibly make her a sign for her new building,” according to CEO Sean Rigney.

The boss said yes and within weeks they made several signs for Wellspring, a place that helps victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Executive Director Maggie Fronk was blown away by the quality of the signs and the generosity they received.

“Such genorosity from the community,” she said. “You put Wellspring on the building and it’s a center for people to come here and was give as a gift of love.”

Not long after helping Wellspring, Round Lake’s phone rang again, this time the local fire department needed a free sign. Rigney said, “If Santa Claus called you up and said, ‘I need help delivering the presents on Christmas Eve,’ are you going to say no?”

The custom-made sign now hangs in the community room at the firehouse in Round Lake. “It was really a nice surprise when it showed up,” said Firefighter Tom Mazza. “The whole membership was like, ‘Wow!’”


The most heartfelt gift, however, came when Rigney got a call from a grieving mother, Jennifer Lane, looking for something special to honor her son Brian, who had died. Round Lake Decor got to work, but it was clear the special sign would not make it in time for a charity event Lane was holding for her son.

That’s when Rigney got into his 2003 truck with 150,000 miles and drove from Round Lake to Catskill to hand-deliver the gift. What was Jennifer’s reaction when she saw Sean standing on her front porch holding the box?

“I cried. I just cried.”

Rigney knows he can’t say yes to every person or charity that needs a new sign, but he does his best to give back. “It is the right thing to do,” he said. Find more information about his company online.


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Uniting Wyoming through Metal Art Silhouettes

Uniting Wyoming through Metal Art Silhouettes

Several metal silhouettes stand the grass just off of a highway

Wyoming owned and operated since 1988, GW Mechanical’s history has always been centered around this great state. Because of their

passion for Wyoming, they have been collaborating with 307 First in their “Metal Art Project”, which consists of creating and placing

western-themed metal silhouettes across the Cowboy State.


“Our history is in Wyoming,” said Dean Cline, President of GW Mechanical. “We don’t know anything else, and we have to promote what we



GW Mechanical adopted Highway 20/26 between Casper and Shoshoni with the plan of placing nine silhouettes along that route. This

stretch of highway is very desolate, and that became one of the primary reasons why GW Mechanical chose it.


“We find it boring. We travel that road a lot and we thought that one would be the easiest one to get landowners to agree to,” Cline shared.


Overall, the goal of the entire project is to have 307 of these silhouettes placed across Wyoming. Many of these metal art pieces have been

placed over the last year, including a few in downtown Casper as well as some along several highways.


Our theme on this is what I like to call ‘western’ or as some say, ‘the Pony Express’,” said Cline.


Current metal pieces that have been created include cowboys, Native Americans, horses, elk, and cattle. This project relies heavily on

Wyoming’s history, which means that it is important to place silhouettes in spots that are in relation to where they would have been years

ago. In fact, GW Mechanical hopes to put an old work train silhouette, complete with a caboose, along their adopted highway.


“We want to do a train. There are old tracks that go out along that stretch of highway. If you really pay attention, you can see where those

old tracks are,” said Cline.


Both Cline and Kara Garbutt, Operations Manager at GW Mechanical, collaborate on creating the ideas behind these silhouettes. Garbutt

spends a lot of time on Google finding ideas and focusing on what will best fit with this project.


“When you look at the size comparison of the elk next to the people, you can see that these silhouettes are not small,” said Garbutt. “It’s a

big undertaking but the bottom line is keeping Wyoming money in Wyoming.”



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About the Market With Metal – 3 Reasons Why Metal Signs Will Never Go Out of Style

Are you interested in custom metal signage for your business, but haven’t quite embraced the concept? Here are three reasons why metal signage will never

go out of style.


Metal signs are very customizable


Metals have many properties that are often overlooked. First, metal surfaces are available in a variety of different colors and finishes, making it easy to

customize the design concept to your vision. Metal can be customized into any shape or design you want, and when you use Alabama Metal Art, you can work

with our team of experts to customize your specific sign.


Metal Signs are Sophisticated and Look High-End


Metal signs look sophisticated and eye-catching by default. We believe this is because metal signs appear neat, professional, expensive, sleek and offer a

higher-end look than other material choices such as vinyl, plastic, and woods that you can get at a standard print shop. We suggest using shiny or matte

finishes on the sign to make it bold and noticeable.


Metal signage is a great deal


Although metal signs may seem expensive, they are an extremely cost-effective sign material option. Of course, pricing is highly dependent on the design and

type of metal selection, and our team can help you navigate these options. Metal signs may have a higher upfront cost than other sign materials, but they last

much longer and require little maintenance.


Our team is ready to discuss your signage needs and vision for the new year with you. Check on our website today!